Today’s cool, crisp, finally-fall weather had me in the mood to walk to our offices in Midtown from my downtown home. As I trotted down Broadway, passing 29th street, I realized I had not yet been by to see the new Ace Hotel, and more precisely, its buzzed-about in-house Stumptown Coffee shop.

Opened mid-September, the Portland-originated Stumptown reputation clearly precedes its only Manhattan location: when I walked into the wood-paneled shop, there was a winding—and very good-looking—line of espresso-thirsty New Yorkers filling the intimate space. As I sipped my creamy drink at the zinc bar, I sensed a quickly-established flow of regulars: the three bowler hat-adorned coffee gurus behind the counter knew many customers’ orders before they even made it to the head of the healthy line.

A fitting lobby receptionist for the kitsch-chic hotel, Stumptown invites a more friendly and devoted non-guest contingent than a hotel restaurant might, and with its serious farm-to-demi-tasse approach to coffee, charming, knowing staff, and Parisian arrondissement atmosphere, I may just have to walk to work again tomorrow.

Must have: full-fat latte and a big, flaky croissant, enjoyed in-shop.

Sarah Storms is an editorial intern at Travel + Leisure.