Gardener's Garden Lotusland
Credit: Claire Takacs

A cacti-filled garden in Morocco, lush country homes in England, a tropical oasis in Florida: the world is filled with countless public and private green spaces—and the new book The Gardener’s Garden brings together more than 250 of the world’s best.

An expert group of garden designers, landscape architects, and horticulturists weighed in on the selections, which come from 45 different countries and range from the iconic (Versailles) to the private (an individual’s “green” roof in downtown Manhattan). Just when you think you can’t look at another picture of emerald green grass or brightly colored flowers or artistic aerial landscapes, you turn the page—and keep on turning, through the 1,000-plus photographs. But there’s plenty to read, too. Each garden comes with an incredibly detailed history, and if you can get through them, you may pick up some great cocktail party trivia. Did you know Monet purchased his water lilies from the nursery firm Latour-Marliac, which is still in business? Neither did I.

Brooke Porter Katz is an Associate Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @brookeporter1.