Natasha Tattaglia, bar back and barista in New Orleans, talks to T+L’s Christine Ajudua:

“I bike everywhere—most people here do. Sometimes my knees start hurting since I ride in heels, but I don’t leave the house unless I’m dressed, so it is what it is. I just had lunch at Sylvain (625 Chartres St.; 504/265-8123; lunch for two $85), in this beautiful old carriage house here in the French Quarter. They do Southern-style food and delicious craft cocktails—not the cheap booze and sugar that you find on Bourbon. I live on Royal Street, but a couple of neighborhoods down on the other side of the levee, in Bywater. It's near the Ninth Ward. A lot of young people live there now, and the abandoned buildings are turning into cafés and bars and restaurants. The road is still pretty bumpy, but the area is getting hip. I love it.”