When I stepped into the shower on my first morning at the new St. Regis Princeville Resort on Kaua’i, it was virtually impossible not to hum “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair.” Only a sheet of plate glass separated me from the turquoise arc of Hanalei Bay, a key location for the movie South Pacific (1958).

My admittedly tone-deaf warble was the only moment of dissonance in this lush, romantic spot.

Opened in October, the St. Regis is primed for cooing couples. From the ring keepers in the bathrooms to the beach lounges built for two, the hotel dims the metaphorical lights, without tipping into Barry White territory. Here are the highlights of an infatuation-worthy getaway.

— Snorkeling around the reef just in front of St. Regis’s beach. A poolside concierge outfitted me with gear and within seconds of splashing into the water, I was surrounded by curious, canary-yellow butterfly fish. I was hoping to spot one of the green sea turtles that apparently drops by… but made do with the flirty sergeant majors.

— Paddling along the Hanalei River with Kayak Kaua’i, gliding past golden hau flowers floating in the water. Our route took us to Hideaways Beach, a secluded cove backed by lava-rock cliffs. This is another good snorkeling spot when the water’s calm; otherwise, you can sit back and watch the surfers (far from a hardship).

— Turning into jelly during a lomi lomi massage at the resort’s Halele’a Spa. The traditional Hawaiian massage is especially graceful here, since the therapists had dance training to perfect their rhythmic strokes. Two treatment rooms are designed for couples, each with a private double bath or waterfall shower. In the relaxation area, I curled up on a round daybed with room enough for two.

Need more convincing?

Guest blogger Jennifer Paull is a New York City–based travel, style, and food writer.

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Paull.