By Brooke Porter Katz
September 08, 2014

Want to travel the country without leaving home? Or just need inspiration for your next American getaway? Turn to Hazel Lane, a new San Francisco-based start-up that curates monthly packages filled with artisan crafts and edible goodies from cities across the country. To start, the company is focusing on of-the-minute destinations—Nashville, Austin, Brooklyn, and Portland, Oregon, to name a few—and two six-month regional subscriptions will launch in time for the holidays: California Crawl (including wine country, Los Angeles, Oakland) and Hawaiian Island Hopper.

But founders Samantha Strom and Ashley DeKellis (who both have backgrounds in hospitality and fashion) also want to highlight, as Strom puts it, “more hidden treasures, places you’ve never wanted to go to before—but that have really cool things.” Currently on their to-do list: Cleveland, Minneapolis, Omaha, and Whitefish, Montana. They’re also tossing around the idea of doing a tequila-themed box with items from Mexico for their first foray into international destinations.

As for what you’ll find inside the boxes: “The items are not touristy or trinkets,” Strom says. “We choose items that represent the place in the best way. There is no template—we just want to tell the story of the city.” The San Francisco box, for example, has an emphasis on food, from turkey jerky to chocolate.

As a benefit corporation, Hazel Lane—named for Strom’s cat and DeKellis’s son—has made a commitment to sustainable and organic products part of their bottom line. In addition, every item has to be made or designed in the city for which it appears. They also make a concerted effort to feature minority- and female-owned brands.

Boxes are available as a monthly subscription or a la carte, and sizes range from classic ($46.99) to G5 ($179). Before checking out, you have the option to customize your purchase by gender and note any special allergies or requests. As the founders say on the website, “We’re pretty high maintenance ourselves.”

Brooke Porter Katz is an Associate Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow her on Twitter at @brookeporter1.

Photo courtesy of Hazel Lane