By Peter Schlesinger
April 09, 2014

A new ad for Las Vegas targets gay couples...almost.

The clip, released this week and scheduled to air nationally, portrays a straight couple checking in to their Sin City hotel. The woman leaves to freshen up just as another man shows up to the front desk, at which point a receptionist asks whether the two gentlemen are ready to check in. A quick, knowing glance at each other and both men nod yes, queueing the iconic slogan, "What happens here, stays here."

The T+L Take? Vegas has been trying to brand itself as a gay friendly destination for several years (remember the "Everyone's Welcome, Even Straight People" campaign?), and incorporating LGBT travelers into the city's famous tagline seems an obvious choice, especially with annual global spending on tourism from the gay community set to reach $200 billion in 2014. That said, it's a little disheartening that the team behind this humorous ad felt a man cheating on his girlfriend was the best way to attract gay travelers.

Peter Schlesinger is a research assistant at Travel + Leisure and a member of the Trip Doctor news team. You can find him on Twitter at @pschles08.