By Paul Feinstein
September 14, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of Bona Furtuna Farms

The town of Corleone in Sicily has a storied, sometimes tragic, and fascinating past. The small hamlet has only 11,000 inhabitants but it was once considered ground zero for the most ruthless members of the Sicilian mafia (this is very much in the past at this point). But if all you think about is corruption and Sicilian stereotypes seen in "The Godfather," you’d be missing out on one of the most beautiful and charming places in all of Italy.

Once you drift away from the center of town, Corleone glistens with rolling gold hills stocked with wheat grains whistling in the wind that help form the perfect al dente pastas on your dinner plates. And if you want to experience everything Corleone has to offer, there’s now a luxury farm getaway that will simply take your breath away.

Credit: Courtesy of Bona Furtuna Farms

The Bona Furtuna Farm is relatively new. The owner, Seagate Technology Executive Chairman Stephen J. Luczo wanted to find his family’s Corleone roots and unearthed the farm where his grandmother was raised. He bought that farm, and a lot of other land around it and discovered he was sitting on a veritable agricultural goldmine. Today, the farm is home to one of the rarest strains of olive groves, ancient wheat grains, the ripest, reddest, and most mouthwateringly juicy tomatoes, and an archaeological site that dates back to 600 BC (finds have included ancient jewelry, animal bones, and a fully preserved baby skeleton).

For the first time ever, guests will have the opportunity to experience this magical landscape in one of the most luxurious packages possible. Designed for 2-4 people, visitors will be picked up by private car at the airport, driven through the lush Sicilian countryside, and brought to exquisite accommodations on the farm that look over the entire property — the sunsets are sublime.

Once there (depending on the season), you’ll be wined and dined by a private chef, tour the property with a PhD botanist, and partake in olive oil production. You’ll visit the archaeological site with the actual archaeologists showing their findings, and you’ll hunt for truffles that will surely end up shaved atop your evening’s meal. The accommodations are stocked with Bona Furtuna’s sumptuous salts, spices, wines, and pasta sauces and the property will pull out all the stops for the most idyllic sunset aperitivo imaginable. Excursions from the farm can include a trip to the Mafia Museum in Corleone, visiting the Salt Flats of Trapani (oldest salt flats in Europe), and also spending time with the pasta maker for the farm.

Once you get back home and are suffering from PTDD (Post Travel Depression Disorder), the farm helps you reacclimate by sending you a full complement of Bona Furtuna’s pastas, sauces, salts, spices, and wine to keep the vacation feels fresh (you can also purchase them at William Sonoma or find the products in use at amazing Italian restaurants like Cal Mare in Los Angeles).

For more information on the package, visit or send an inquiry to There are only four trips a year (two in the Fall and two in the Spring) to indulge in your lavish farming fantasies, so early booking is highly recommended.