Wuhan’s Cherry Blossom Trees Are in Full Bloom During Last Days of Lockdown (Video)

Wuhan's lockdown lifts on April 8.

As the lockdown in Wuhan is coming to an end, a sign of a new beginning has come from nature in the form of 1,000 blossoming cherry trees.

Every spring, the cherry orchards of Wuhan University are filled with students, staff and people who come from far away to admire the blossoms, but this year, the campus is eerily silent due to lockdown restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Li Hao, a teacher who has remained on campus during lockdown, captured the scene with a drone in footage, obtained by CNN.

"I believe that any disaster or challenge will eventually come to an end," Li told the network. "Just like these cherry flowers, sooner or later, they will always blossom. That's what I believe, as long as we don't give up our pursuit of a beautiful life, as long as we continue our effort to make it happen."

The trees, which were a gift from Japan, date back to the 1970s when China and Japan first established diplomatic relations.

“I've never seen the Cherry Avenue to be that quiet. It's beautiful, indeed, but I think it's more beautiful with lively crowds," a student at the university, told The China Daily. “I hope life can get back to normal soon, and I can see those flowers with my own eyes."

Additionally, the university has set up several webcams on Chinese apps like WeChat and Taobao so people can virtually partake in the springtime bloom. More than 67 million people have viewed the livestreams.

cherry blossoms bloom outside of Wuhan University

Wuhan, which has been on lockdown since January 24, has turned the corner on the virus that claimed the lives of over 3,300 people in mainland China. As travel restrictions are set to lift in the coming days — after more than two months — their makeshift hospitals have started to close due to lack of demand.

A portion of the Great Wall of China is also open to visitors.

The lockdown in the remainder Hubei province was lifted on March 24, leading to people reemerging from their homes and businesses reopening.

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