One of the World’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls Is Tucked Away in the Amazon — and It’s Four Times Taller Than Niagara Falls

Water flows from Kaieteur Falls at 23,400 cubic feet per second.

pilot flies over the iconic Kaieteur Falls
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Kaieteur Falls is so dizzyingly vast and so powerful, the water looks as if it's falling from the edge of the world.

The giant waterfall is located on the Potaro River in Kaieteur National Park, within Guyana’s region of the Amazon rainforest. Imagine water dropping from a vertical rock face four times the highest point of Niagara Falls at 23,400 cubic feet per second — but whereas its North American counterpart has been altered for hydropower generation, Kaieteur remains all natural.

At 741 feet, the impressive waterfall is known as the world’s largest single-drop waterfall by the volume of water flowing over it. By no surprise, Kaieteur is also among the most powerful waterfalls in the world.

The falls are especially remote, surrounded by the lush rainforest of Guyana. Despite this, tourists can access the falls by chartering a plane and following a hiking tour to the top. There is even a special airstrip, Kaieteur Airstrip, which is only a 15-minute walk from the falls and is often used by plane tours that run directly from the two Georgetown airports: Eugene F. Correia International Airport (formerly Ogle Airport) and Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

Kaieteur waterfall with rust-colored water plummeting with force
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According to Guyana Tourism, flights to the falls leave from Eugene F. Correia International Airport daily (if the weather permits) and take about 45 minutes. It’s best to book ahead, since planes are usually small, with some limited to 10 passengers at a time. If you're looking for a longer adventure, you can also opt for three days of travel by road or river.

If you are hoping to plan an Amazon adventure, choosing when to visit can be fairly unpredictable near the falls. Generally, the best time is during summer monsoons, which occur from April to September, though tours are available in other months as well.

Kaieteur Falls surrounded by lush rainforest vegetation
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Walking through Kaieteur National Park is a treat in itself. Among the many trails, you’ll see plenty of colorful birds, frogs, and plant life unique to the wildly diverse Amazon rainforest. For more information about the falls and tour operators, visit, the official website of the Guyana Tourism Authority.

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