Watch These Relaxing 360-videos for a Moment of Waterside Zen

Stream to your computer or TV for a waterside-retreat wherever you are.

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It's easy to feel like the idea of travel is a distant memory. We get it, sitting inside is particularly difficult for travelers like us. However, while sitting at home for the betterment of the world, we've all quickly realized that the world is actually a lot closer than it seems. And that's all thanks to technology.

In mere weeks, we've all discovered the true power of the internet to bring travel and culture right into our homes thanks to things like virtual museum tours, "hikes" through national parks online, watching adorable zoo animals around the world from our couches, and even streaming our favorite Broadway musicals on our TVs.

So yes, thing may feel heavy right now, but that doesn't mean you can't still find small moments of joy and even a few moments filled with wanderlust. We want you to take some time and daydream today. That's why we not only created this "spot-the-difference" travel game, but also created a few virtual videos of our own to help you drift off for a little bit and pretend you're still out there traveling the world. Let these be an inspiration for now, and for later when you can finally return to traveling and see all the sites in real life too. (And, as a bonus, they all happen to be waterside destinations, which are scientifically proven to make people feel less stressed, which is a universal need right about now.)

Views from the ocean in Puglia, Italy

Turn off your mind and turn on a bit of zen by sitting at this coastal retreat for just a few minutes. Let the sound of the waves and the sight of the beautiful blue ocean and craggy landscape transport you to your own favorite coastal destination.

Sights from the beach on Vieste, Italy

What better way to spend a day than lounging on the sand? Watch and pretend you too are basking under the warm sun as your toes dig deeper into the equally warm sand on your own private beach.

Stand on the shores of Lake Garada, Italy

Look out into the clear waters as you sail away to some lake-side living. Count the boats and watch them meander by thanks to a slow, warm breeze. It's OK to dream for a minute that you're really there, too.

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