Visit All the Wonders of Alaska Without Leaving Home (Video)

It's time for a virtual retreat to The Last Frontier.

See the great outdoors without leaving your couch.

While we’re all staying home in order to combat the spread of coronavirus, lots of people are still feeling the pangs of wanderlust — especially people who would otherwise be using this time to get outside after a long winter.

Kayak in ice cave in Alaska
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There are lots of national parks that are offering virtual tours for outdoorsy people who want to experience natural wonders. But sometimes, it’s nice to feel like you’re truly immersing yourself in a specific place as if you’re taking a long vacation.

One of the best places for an outdoorsy vacation is Alaska, full of majestic wild animals, gorgeous mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, streams, and lots of places to truly discover earth’s beauty.

Since we can’t get out to see Alaska’s wide open spaces, TravelAlaska has curated a virtual travel experience to help at-home travelers who are dying to roam the wilderness.

TravelAlaska posted a video announcing its Alaska Will Wait, For You campaign that encourages people to stay home for now, and that all the wonders of Alaska will still be there when we can finally get to traveling again.

In the meantime, TravelAlaska has a number of ideas for people who want to visit The Last Frontier in the future.

You can access a number of “virtual vacations” on TravelAlaska’s website. There, you can access a livestreams, webcam footage, and 360-degree photo panoramas. For instance, you can enjoy a livestream of Pacific walrus on Round Island, or arctic snowy owls in Utqiagvik, or have a moment of zen with brown bears

In addition, Alaska Native elders and leaders are leading twice-weekly live storytelling hours on Alaska Native Heritage Center's Facebook page. Not only is this a good way to experience the Alaskan culture, but it’s also a wonderful source of entertainment.

On YouTube, the Alaska SeaLife Center is posting livestreams, behind-the-scenes videos, and other video content with the center’s diverse array of marine animals. You can get up close and personal with ice seals, sea birds, fish, and a lot more. The Alaska SeaLife Center also posts video content on its Facebook page.

The Anchorage Museum is also giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at their collections, including livestreams with sound artists and musicians from the museum’s "Listen Up: Northern Soundscapes" exhibit on its Facebook page.

See a lot more of Alaska on the TravelAlaska website, or follow TravelAlaska on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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