Rare light storm - Aurora Australis
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Photographers and stargazers alike were in for a special treat when a storm took to the skies of the Southern Hemisphere, revealing mesmerizing views of the Southern Lights.

A rare display of the Aurora Australis, or the Southern Lights, illuminated the sky over New Zealand, Tasmania, and parts of southern Australia this week, giving onlookers a glistening view filled with electric shades of green, orange, and pink.

The bright shades of the rarely seen phenomenon occur when electrically charged particles from the sun are introduced into the atmosphere through solar winds, interacting with surrounding natural gasses and the Earth’s magnetic field to create a whirlwind of colors.

Since the display can be fleeting and tough to catch — you need a very clear night in a dark space away from light-filled cities to truly see them in all their glory — their rare appearance can be quite the treat for nature lovers.

A few lucky travelers were also able to snag incredible up-close views of the Southern Lights last week on the world’s first chartered flight to see the display.

While it can be tough to see, knowing where to look for the phenomenon can help you get a head start.