By Cailey Rizzo
July 13, 2019
Marisol Pesquera

One of Puerto Rico’s most beautiful and historic paths is more accessible and beautiful than ever before.

The Paseo del Morro Trail is a one-mile hike that winds along the seaside, outside the ancient walls of San Juan. It recently opened after an expansion and renovation that cemented the path as one of the best ways to explore the city by foot, according to Lonely Planet.

Marisol Pesquera

The trail was built in the 1630s, originally meant as a maintenance path for the workers who constructed and maintained the walls that once protected San Juan. Construction of the walls lasted until the 1780s, when the walls fully encircled the city and made it one of the best-protected places in the Caribbean.

Marisol Pesquera

But in more recent history, the trail has become one of the city’s best-kept secrets. A new expansion of the trail has connected it directly with San Juan’s famous El Morro Fort. After visiting the old garrison, travelers can now meander down a flight of wooden stairs and directly onto the Paseo del Morro Trail.

The Paseo only opened for public access in 1998. By 2001, it was declared a National Recreation Trail, part of the San Juan Historic Site.

The trail extends for about a mile. While walking down the paseo, visitors will see the old walls and fortress on one side and the sea open up on the other. At one point, the trail goes “off road” and through a tangle of seagrape trees.

If you’re thinking of walking the Paseo, consider visiting around sunset. During the day, there isn’t much shade and the path can get rather hot to walk. At sunset, the light are softer but the views over the sea are even more stunning.