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Vail Colorado Llama Hike
Credit: Courtesy of Vail Summer

If you're going to Colorado, now's your chance to spend time with the best lunch buddies in the world.

Paragon Guides in Vail, Colorado offers various types of llama treks, including ones that allow you to take the animals on a day hike while stopping for a mid-day meal with your new friends.

The tour company offers three options for llama lovers: the Arrowhead Llama Lunch based out of the Arrowhead Ski Area, the Backcountry Llama Lunch on a local hiking trail, and Wine and Cheese with Llamas, also based out of the Arrowhead Ski Area.

The Arrowhead Llama Lunch, running from July to early October, includes a half-day hike with a red-checkered picnic table lunch, snacks, and water all included. It's especially great for families who want to connect with nature, as it takes you along trails with aspen trees, evergreens, and wildflowers. This package has a $415 base fee that covers the first two people in your party. After that, it's $89 per additional person, or $79 each if there are eight or more people in your group.

Or, if you're headed to Arrowhead, you can opt for an early-evening wine and cheese hike.

At Backcountry Ski Area, more experienced hikers can spend a full day hiking with their llamas, including lunch, snacks, and water along the way. The package, which runs from mid-June to late October, also includes transportation from your home or hotel and transportation to a local trailhead.

The Backcountry package has a $545 base fee for the first two people, and an additional $89 per person (or $79 each if eight or more people are in the group). Kids under five are free, and the company is currently advertising 15 percent off if you book for June.

Llamas are gentle, genuinely curious pack animals that can carry up to 80 pounds. According to Paragon Guides, they make excellent trail companions and can also help carry some gear if needed.

The company reminds any potential visitors that llamas should never be ridden, "no matter how much grain we feed them."

More information on taking a llama to lunch can be found on the Paragon Guides website.