Northern Lights Hotels
Credit: ullstein bild / Contributor

Seeing the Northern Lights is an amazing experience in itself, but taking in the view from a glass-roofed hotel room attached to a snowmobile? Completely next level.

British travel company Off the Map is now offering this kind of experience. The mobile hotel room is part of a four-day package bringing travelers through Finland's gorgeous Lapland region.

The one-night accommodation is called the Aurora Bubble Sled. After being taken out to an ideal Northern Lights viewing spot via snowmobile, you're left on your own to enjoy nature's greatest show. The sleds are equipped with bean bags, reindeer skins, and a heating system—and, of course, a glass roof for easy viewing. All that's missing is a bottle of wine.

This experience kicks off in December. For more information on the tour, head to the Off the Map website.