August marks the peak of North Dakota’s sunflower-growing season.

By Skye Sherman
August 13, 2019
Credit: Courtesy of North Dakota Tourism

The COVID-19 pandemic may have halted society in its tracks, but it can’t stop the world turning — or sunflowers blooming. As summer begins its creep toward fall, fields of sunny yellow flowers are in full bloom across North Dakota, blanketing the state’s famous plains and prairies in the happiest color on the spectrum.

Credit: Courtesy of North Dakota Tourism

August marks the peak of North Dakota’s sunflower-growing season, and its late-summer fields in full bloom are a sight to behold thanks to the fact that the Peace Garden State is responsible for nearly 40 percent of all sunflowers in the United States. A whopping 535,000 acres of sunflowers were planted across North Dakota in 2019, according to The National Sunflower Association.

Credit: Courtesy of North Dakota Tourism

The North Dakota Tourism Division tracks the bloom capacity of 17 different sunflower fields around the state, providing GPS coordinates so enthusiasts can easily locate sunflower hotspots, which are often off the beaten track, hidden down country roads. Remember: You can look and snap photos, but entering the fields without permission is trespassing.

If you’re a bloom enthusiast, North Dakota should be on your bucket list: the state ranks number two when it comes to year-over-year sunflower production. The National Sunflower Association reports that 500,000 acres across North Dakota were set for sunflower planting in 2020, so there should be ample opportunity to find a field for yourself.

In addition, North Dakota Tourism left a tasty surprise at some prime viewing locations: around Bismarck, visitors should keep their eyes peeled for mailboxes containing packets of sunflower seeds to snack on.

Whether you plan a visit or enjoy it solely through your screen, North Dakota’s sunflower super bloom is guaranteed to lift your spirits.