Mandy Moore couldn't catch a break on her recent trip to Ecuador.

The "This Is Us" star who excitedly documented her arrival to the South American country to hike Cotopaxi last week, followed up with a less adventurous post explaining that she and her husband, Taylor Goldsmith, had to cut their trip short due to a bout of food poisoning.

"T and I both got knocked out simultaneously with a major bout of food poisoning (on Day 2) and couldn’t continue on the trip- we just wouldn’t be able to catch up on hydration, nutrition and rest to complete any more acclimatization hikes before our summit push. In any case... we made the tough call to travel home (wow- that wasn’t fun lol) and got back yesterday," she explained.

Posting about her ill-fated Ecuador trip from home in Los Angeles, Moore tweeted in real-time that she lost her iPad on the way home.

Mandy Moore
Mandy Moore
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"In midst of traveling home early and in a post-food poisoning haze, I left my iPad on the plane yesterday," she tweeted to American Airlines. "I’ve tracked it to Philly and it looks like it’s in a lost and found lock box. I’ve filed a claim but would love your help!"

Three hours later, Moore tweeted again that the airline had located the iPad and it was being shipped to her. She also thanked her followers for offering their help.

Although it may seem like special treatment, it’s standard policy for most airlines. All lost-and-found claims are handled online and users who have filed a claim receive email updates as to the status of their item. Once a lost item is located, passengers can choose to have a found item held at the airport for pick-up or shipped to their home by paying a delivery fee.

Moore, an avid hiker who spent a portion of her honeymoon at Patagonia in Argentina, was disappointed she had to cut her trip short but said she'd be back to Ecuador.

"We can not WAIT to get back to Ecuador- we absolutely loved our short journey and have already chatted about returning with a more all encompassing look at the whole country."