There are plenty of light phenomena to chase around the world—Northern or Southern Lights, anyone?—but chances are you haven't heard of light pillars before.

As photographer Timothy Joseph Elzinga puts it, “I was trolled by nature.”

Elzinga noticed an entire sky filled with vertical beams of light earlier this month and luckily took some photos of the scene. He later found out that these lights are called “light pillars,” and they're far from natural.

As he explains in the video above, these pillars show up with artificial lights from the ground reflect off of ice crystals in the sky (found usually in northern territories when freezing temperatures cause the crystals to form). As PetaPixel describes, the light seen in Elzinga's photos are coming from “homes, businesses, street lights, and traffic lights.”

Elzinga shared a few words on the experience with CBC News: “It was very bright in person, like nothing I've ever seen—it almost seemed supernatural,” he said. “It looked like someone from Star Trek was trying to beam people up.”