The bloom could be delayed in some parts of the country.

Japan's Cherry Blossoms
Credit: Peerapat Tandavanitj/Getty Images

Cherry blossoms in some areas of Japan may bloom later than usual, according to a new forecast from Weather Map.

Visitors can still expect blooming in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka in March, according to the forecast. Tokyo’s blossoms are forecasted to start blooming on March 25, reaching their peak around April 2.

The new forecast indicates a delay of only a few days in Tokyo, previously expected to see its first blossoms on March 22 and to see full bloom by March 30, according to a previous forecast by the Japan Meteorological Corporation.

In Hokkaido, blooming is expected to take place from April 30, while the Hokuriku and Kanto regions are still expected to blooming at around the average time in April. Northern Japan may begin to see the blossoms bloom earlier.

For those who are looking to catch the blossoms earlier on, the Japanese town of Kawazu, is already bursting with pink. The town is home to a particular variety of the trees that bloom early, according to The Huffington Post.