Japan cherry blossom forecast
Credit: Navapon_Plodprong/Getty Images

Each spring, Japan is blanketed in stunning shades of pink thanks to its famed cherry blossoms.

It can be a challenge to catch the breathtaking views, since it requires estimating when exactly the flowers will bloom. The Japan Meteorological Corporation has released its first national cherry blossom forecast for the country’s Somei-Yoshino cherry trees, which are the most widespread across the country, according to Japan Today.

For travelers looking to catch the sight, the first blossoms will appear in Tokyo on March 22, and are predicted to hit their peak period when they reach full bloom on March 30.

In Kochi, Fukuoka, and Nagoya, the cherry blossoms are predicted to blossom on March 23 and hit their full blooms on March 31, April 1, and April 2, respectively.

Kyoto will follow next, with blossoming expected to start on March 27, and the full bloom predicted for April 4.

Osaka and Nara will see cherry blossoms arrive a bit later, on March 28, with peak dates predicted for April 4 in Osaka and March 28 in Nara, with several of Japan's other cities following behind.

Japan Cherry Blossom Forecast

If you're planning to travel to see the cherry blossoms in person, the seasonal display can draws in millions of travelers, which is why we recommend less crowded locations like Sumida Park, in Tokyo, or the Shojiji Temple, in Kyoto.