Dive into Jamaica’s best-kept secret.

Andrea Romano
October 27, 2017

You can find dozens of majestic waterfalls in Jamaica, but there’s only one that will make you feel like you’re jumping through a portal to another world.

Brave divers who dare to jump into a hidden waterfall “rabbit hole” called Reach Falls in Portland Parish, Jamaica, are causing a stir online.

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Fair warning: It’s a little unnerving to watch a diver jump into a hole and never emerge again.

After you jump, you enter a hidden cave that has a small hidden waterfall inside it, a traveler noted on Imgur. The back of the cave opens up into the main Reach Falls waterfall, and you have to duck underwater briefly to re-emerge into an “open-air mini-gorge.” They described it as a “leap of faith.”

According to Pop Sugar, you can climb out just above the cascade. When you're facing the falls head on, the secret cave is on the right.

Would you have the nerve to jump?

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