By Melissa Locker
Updated: March 16, 2017

Quebec is hardly lacking in attractions—the Domaine de Maizerets, the Jardin Jeanne d'Arc, and the Boutique du Musée de la Civilisation all spring to mind—but we’ll understand if you simply want to sit and watch sheets of ice tumble over a waterfall.

Christian Boutet was in Lévis, Quebec’s Parc de la Chute de la Chaudière in January when he saw the hypnotizing movement of melting ice flowing down the Chaudière River and tumbling over a waterfall.

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He captured the ice flow on video and posted it to his YouTube channel, where it was picked up by Digg, giving river watchers around the world the chance to sit and gaze at the ice crashing over the waterfall on its journey toward the Saint Lawrence River. Watch the strangely soothing footage above, then start planning your own Canadian getaway.