By Talia Avakian
May 10, 2017
Jared Cruce/Courtesy of HydroHammock

Whether you’re a camper or a hot tub lover looking for a portable way to kick back whenever you like, the Hydro Hammock could be your answer.

The hot-tub-and-hammock hybrid becomes a personal and portable hot tub.

Made with a heavy-duty, UV-resistant canvas, the hammock can handle up to 750 pounds of water.

The single-layer canvas hammock has a portable heating system that will get water to hot-tub temperatures in 30 to 45 minutes. There's also a dual-layer option, which can be used to turn the hot tub into a waterbed.

Jared Cruce/Courtesy of HydroHammock

Campers could use water from lakes, rivers, or oceans — or at home from the hose, since there's nothing stopping anyone from setting it up in their backyard.

It uses half as much water as a bathtub, according to the company, and includes a heating system that comes with a shower head you could use for bathing.

The hammock was launched on Kickstarter back in 2015, and the company now takes pre-orders. Of course, this kind of portable luxury doesn't come cheap: The Hydro Hammock starts at $458 for a single layer and $1,591 for the water heating system, or at a bundle package of $1,892 for the single-layer hammock and heating system.