The Hollywood Hills debate continues.

Hollywood Sign Trail
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Like any iconic tourist attraction, the Hollywood sign—overlooking the City of Angels from a hill in Griffith Park since 1923— has both benefits and costs.

On the plus side, the sign is a stylish landmark that branded a city and an industry, spurring an economic boom that continues to this day—not only in filmmaking, but in a tourism industry that sits atop it. More than 45 million visitors come to Los Angeles every year, and about 10 million of them make it to Griffith Park.

But there's a down side: Unfortunately, the approximately 23,000 people who live in the Hollywood Hills are not all excited to welcome the influx of visitors to their idyllic enclave. For years, park visitors have aggravated residents by crowding the narrow and winding streets found in the hills.

Hollywood Sign Trail
Credit: Allen J. Schaben/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

The conflict has led to many parking restrictions in different neighborhoods, and now a legal battle could force hikers to trail entrances farther from the sign, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Depending on the outcome, the city could block access from Beachwood Drive, which offers access to a trail about 1.2 miles from the sign, and reroute many hikers to Canyon Drive, further south and to the east, and about 2 miles farther away.

Griffith Park is the 22nd largest city park in the U.S., covering about 4,310 acres.