Travelers Are Hiking Miles to Get to the Grand Canyon's Incredible Hidden Waterfalls

Find out why the remote falls are so beloved by hikers.

Secret Grand Canyon Waterfalls
Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

With their crystal clear waters, the Havasu Falls have long remained a hidden gem in Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park.

The waterfalls, which attract curious travelers from around the world thanks to their bright blue and green waters, are located in the Havasupai Reservation of Coconino County, in the southwest corner of the park.

Since reaching the falls requires going down a hiking trail that stretches more than eight miles in length, the location has often been off the radar of most tourists, though it’s now starting to get increasingly popular.

The falls sit surrounded by travertine rock formations that bring all the more majesty to the sight.

Due to the fact that it sits on the reservation, hikers need a permit to access the location.

According to the National Park Service, online reservations are already fully booked for this year, and most campground spaces are full, though travelers can call to inquire about cancelations.

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