This Company Is Helping Campers Rebook Canceled Reservations at Sold Out Parks

Campnab makes it easy for campers to book canceled reservations from sold out parks.

It comes as no surprise that last year's pent-up travel demand is spilling over into this summer. Though international travel options are becoming more robust (hello, Europe!), for some people, nothing beats a classic camping trip to celebrate the season.

There's plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the great outdoors, but last-minute planners will find limited campsite options, especially at the most popular state and national parks.

From this frustration, Campnab was born.

Though campgrounds are often booked months in advance and can even sell out within minutes of becoming available, the founders of Campnab realized that these bookings often get canceled - sometimes by the thousands. You could glue yourself to the computer, constantly refreshing the screen and hoping to get lucky, or you could sign up for Campnab.

The concept is simple: Campnab monitors campgrounds across the U.S. and Canada, searching for canceled reservations, and notifies users with a text message when a campsite opens up.

Users simply have to input information about their preferred campground, arrival date, and the number of nights they'd like to stay, as well as payment information. Campnab will then do all the hard work, scanning the park website for a campsite that fits those needs. If a suitable match pops up, Campnab will send a text message notifying that user.

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Campnab, however, doesn't guarantee availability of campsites, as they're not managing the supply. The company simply notifies would-be campers when a previously booked spot becomes available. Canceled campsite reservations are often rebooked quickly - sometimes within minutes - so once users get an alert, they'll have to act fast and head to the campground website to make the reservation themselves as soon as possible.

For those interested in using Campnab, the company offers pay-per-use scans ranging from $10 to $20 each, or membership plans starting at $10 per month, which is perfect for frequent campers.

For more information, visit the Campnab website.

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