One would think that all the secrets lurking inside the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, would have been long discovered by now. However, it appears Mother Nature still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Marine biologist Johnny Gaskell recently revealed his latest discovery living in deep the reef, a giant blue hole located far offshore, according to Gaskell, “further than our normal Reef trips.”

So what’s inside?

“What we found inside was hard to believe, considering five months ago a Category 4 cyclone went straight over the top of it,” Gaskell told Mashable.

In a series of Instagram photos and videos, Gaskell shared that he and his team took a freediving trip inside the hole where they found “huge Birdsnest Corals (Seriatopora) and super elongated Staghorn Corals (Acropora) both of which were among the biggest and most delicate colonies I've ever seen.”

In one post, Gaskell noted that he would not reveal the exact location of the giant blue hole in an effort to protect it, but that he had originally found this blue hole by simply using Google Earth.

“It's not as deep as the famous Great Blue Hole in Belize but it is a really unique spot,” Gaskell added.He further told Mashable that since discovering this gorgeous feature inside the reef he’s also located two other blue holes sitting roughly 124 miles offshore and is attempting to work out travel plans to visit them both soon.

And while Gaskell’s work is certainly fun to look at it’s also incredibly important, too. About 93 percent of the reef has undergone coral bleaching. Discoveries like Gaskell’s could help researchers understand how some areas of the reef remain protected while others are more at risk. At the very least, his videos showing parts of the reef still teeming with life can give us all a little hope for its future.