No need to buy it.

Credit: Courtesy of Bluebird Hill Farm

Want to spend your days surrounding by nature?

Now is your chance, as the owner of the charming Bluebird Hill Farm in North Carolina is holding an essay competition to give it all away.

Bluebird Hill Farm is a USDA Certified Organic Farm in Bennett, about an hour south of Greensboro, that currently specializes in the planting of herbs, specialty vegetables, flowers, and native plants.

Credit: Courtesy of Bluebird Hill Farm

Current owner Norma Burns bought the property with her husband about 18 years ago, but has decided to give it away because managing the farm has become difficult since her husband passed away in 2005.

Now, she’s running an essay contest, specifically looking for a couple to take over the farm since it's not manageable with only one person, according to Burns.

The essay should address, “Why We Want to Own and Operate Bluebird Hill Farm,” in 200 words, and applicants must include what makes them fit to run the property. Though applicants with a background in farming are preferred, Burns is also open to those who can showcase that they are the kind of person who could step in and be a quick learner.

Credit: Courtesy of Bluebird Hill Farm

“There are so many people who love farming and would really like to make that their life commitment, but there’s just no way that they can afford to buy that kind of land and all the equipment you need,” Burns told Travel + Leisure. “So, instead of selling it outright, I though I’d see if there was a way to pay off the mortgage and award the winner with the farm, free and clear.”

Credit: Courtesy of Bluebird Hill Farm

The winners will awake to a beautiful and tranquil environment each day, with lush lavender fields and gardening beds filled with everything from thyme and flowers to asparagus, tomatoes, squash, okra, lettuce, and onions.

You can also spend some downtime enjoying views of the pond, or play with the friendly chickens that roam the farm’s small yard.

“They love being petted and picked up,” Burns said.

Credit: Courtesy of Bluebird Hill Farm

The property's house has a large master bedroom and bath, an open floorplan kitchen and living room, a dining room, and an office area that can be converted into another bedroom.

Interested applicants will need at least one member who is ages 25 to 50, and at least one member who is a permanent resident or citizen of the U.S. There is a $300 entry fee to participate, with a deadline of June 1, 2017.

“Everyone who comes to the farm comments on how serene it is,” said Burns. “I love sitting on the front porch at the end of the day and looking over the garden to see the barn in the background; there’s just something about that image that is so soothing and uplifting.”