By Melissa Locker
May 11, 2016

Mother Nature seemed to pay homage to all the moms around the world with an Aurora Borealis display that lit up the night sky from Illinois to Ontario on Mother’s Day. The brilliant light show was enhanced thanks to a solar storm that sent charged particles flying toward Earth’s atmosphere where they interacted with the planet’s magnetic field.

YouTube user Crown Land Productions created a mesmerizing time-lapse video made up of 420 images captured over the course of four hours in the early morning hours of May 8th. The video shows the aurora borealis filling the sky with iridescent greens and yellows. The display was so vast and impressive that photographers from Michigan to Oregon to Ontario were compelled to point their cameras at the skies and try to capture the wonder of it all.

Here’s a video of the Northern Lights shot by Adrian Wagner in Nelson, BC. Don’t miss photographer Tim Durkan’s video of the Aurora Borealis above the Seattle skyline, which is a very rare occurrence. "Early this morning in the skies above the Emerald City I watched (and photographed!) a phenomena I never thought I’d get to witness with with my tired old eyes… the Aurora Borealis dancing right there above Seattle and our beloved Space Needle," Durkan wrote on his Facebook page.

The photographers are wise to capture the drama now. As the sun’s 11-year solar cycle shifts toward being dormant, which will send fewer charged particles towards Earth, scientists expect the lights to fade and appear less frequently over the next ten years, making the chances of crossing them off your bucket list a bit slimmer.