Yosemite National Park, Half Dome Village
Credit: Courtesy of Visit Yosemite

After a long-fought trademark dispute, Yosemite National Park is getting back some of its most iconic names.

In particular, according to CNN, the Majestic Yosemite Hotel can finally be called the Ahwahnee Hotel again. The same goes for Half Dome Village (formerly Curry Village), Big Trees Lodge (formerly the Wawona Hotel), and Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area (formerly Badger Pass Ski Area).

Yosemite National Park, Camp Curry
Credit: Courtesy of Visit Yosemite

A civil lawsuit filed in 2015 when the national park changed its contract from its former concessionaire DNC Parks & Resorts, owned by Delaware North, to Yosemite Hospitality, owned by Aramark, according to NPR. As a result, Delaware North sued for $50 million for the trademarks to the names of some of Yosemite’s historic hotels and sites, CNN reported.

A concessionaire company is in charge of the park’s lodging, as well as food and retail services, according to CNN.

During the dispute, the before mentioned park locations had to be temporarily renamed. According to CNN, the park has signed a $12 million settlement with Delaware North, which, in turn, means that Yosemite has its original attraction and hotel names back.

“I’ve said from literally Day One that these names belong with these places, and ultimately belong to the American people,” Yosemite National Park spokesman Scott Gediman said to the Seattle Times. “So to have this dispute resolved is huge.”

The U.S. government and Aramark are paying the $12 million to Delaware North, at no cost to the National Park Service. The government is paying $3.84 million while Aramark is paying $8.16 million, the Seattle Times reported. According to the settlement, Aramark will have to pay Delaware North until the end of its contract in 2031.

Gediman told CNN that only one name that was changed during the dispute will remain the same. Yosemite Valley Lodge, which was formerly Yosemite Lodge at the Falls, will stick with its new moniker.

Up until now, the old names were simply covered with tarps, waiting for the matter to be settled. While some newer park goers may have to adjust to the throwback name change, many people were happy to see familiar signage up at the park again as of Monday, according to the Seattle Times.

No matter where you stay (or what you call it when you get there), Yosemite is still a bucket list trip that everyone should take, especially if you love hiking, camping, or seeing natural phenomena.