U.S. National Parks are waiving their entrance fees for two weekends this April.
National Park Week - Yosemite
Credit: Getty Images

Travelers who want to enjoy the warmer weather in the outdoors can take advantage of free admission to U.S. national parks for two weekends this month as part of National Park Week.

Fees will be waived April 15-16 and April 22-23 at parks that typically charge for entrance.

That means travelers can enjoy popular parks like California’s Yosemite National Park and Florida’s Everglades National Park for free.

They'll also be able to take part in events like ranger-led bike rides and talks throughout the parks, all while enjoying everything from giant sequoias to cascading waterfalls.

The parks will also be waiving fees this year on August 25 for the National Park Service's birthday, on September 30 for National Public Lands Day, and on November 11-12 for Veteran’s Day.

For those planning to head to a park this April, there are plenty of hidden areas to enjoy in even the most popular parks.