How Well Do You Know Your National Parks? Take Our Video Quiz to Find Out

Use the fun quiz to take a virtual visit to our national parks.

Right now, you’re likely sitting at home, waiting patiently until we can all find a new normal and travel to see the world again. We know that staying home is hard, especially for travelers like us. However, we also know that for now, it’s the right thing to do to protect the people we love so dearly. But, don’t worry, you can still indulge in jet-set fantasies right from home.

Cultural centers, tourism boards, and even organizations like the National Parks system have stepped up to bring all of our favorite places online so people can enjoy them right from their couch. During quarantine everyone can take virtual museum tour at the Louvre, connect with zoo animals via livestream cameras, watch a Broadway musical, or even go “outside” and explore a national park online. But, we want to take that last one — exploring parks — a little bit further.

To bring a little fun, and inspire a new love of nature, we’ve created a guessing game for you to play. All you need to do is watch our video above, "Do You Know Your National Parks," and pick out the right photo of each park name displayed. If you win you get… nothing but bragging rights. But hey, that’s something, right?

And, if you need a little more entertainment at home we’ve got your back. Try out Travel + Leisure’s Spot the Difference game, or, check out this list of more than 100 fun things to do to pass the time at home, including games, workouts, virtual tours, streaming webcams, and more. See how many you can check off your virtual list this weekend, then share with your friends so they can stay entertained, too.

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