It might be less than you think.

Row of red rock peaks in Zion's National Park Utah
Red rock peaks in Zion National Park.
| Credit: Mike Kemp

From the Grand Canyon to the Great Smoky Mountains, from the redwoods of northern California to the swamps of the Florida Everglades, you’re well acquainted with the national parks—after all, you’ve seen them countless times in movies, books, TV documentaries, even on postage stamps. But how well do you really know the park system, which stretches from the Bering Sea to the South Pacific, encompassing an astonishing wealth of geography, nature, and history? With the National Park Service turning 100 this summer, and celebrations happening countrywide to honor its long commitment to preserving and protecting some of America’s most thrilling wild spaces, now’s a great time to get even more familiar with the country’s collective backyard. Test your knowledge to find out how much you know about our national parks.

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