Dr. Jill Biden's Intro for New National Geographic Series Is a Love Letter to Our National Parks

"Each national park connects people to a piece of the American story — who we are and where we came from," she said.

First Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden introduces the National Geographic Series “America’s National Parks” from the Grand Canyon.
Photo: National Geographic/Jessica Perez

Upcoming National Geographic series, "America's National Parks," has serious some star power behind it — starting off with an intro from none other than Dr. Jill Biden.

"America's national parks are full of unrivaled natural beauty, geological wonders, cultural history and amazing wildlife," Biden said, according to People. "Each national park connects people to a piece of the American story — who we are and where we came from."

The series, which is narrated and produced by country music icon Garth Brooks, premieres on Aug. 29 and runs for five consecutive nights on National Geographic, with episodes streaming on Disney+ on August 31. The series is also part of National Geographic's America's National Parks Week event.

"With at least one national park in every state, all Americans can enjoy them," the First Lady continued in her intro. "Some are close to home, [and] others require a little more planning and travel, but however far you choose to go, national parks connect us to the wonder and renewal of nature, helping us discover more about our country and ourselves. America's national parks belong to all of us, so I encourage everyone to go out and enjoy them."

The immersive series takes a deep dive into the varied national park landscapes across the United States. Starting at the Grand Canyon, the show brings viewers to Yosemite, Big Bend, Badlands, and Hawaii Volcanoes national parks.

This isn't the first time that a White House resident has talked about national parks on television.

Former president Barack Obama narrated Netflix's "Our Great National Parks" which similarly highlighted parks around the world.

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