One weekend during the semester I studied abroad in Prague, my friends and I wanted to go on an adventure. Instead of debating over where to go, we went to the train station with our bags and bought tickets for the next train out of town, wherever it went. That’s how I ended up spending one of the best weekends of my semester in Dresden, Germany.

If you’re feeling equally spontaneous,,, and, as well as its sister site, have added an element of mystery to their popular flash sales and auctions recently by having travelers bid on undisclosed resorts in unknown locations for very low prices (or by helping them score deeply discounted rates on unnamed hotels in cities of their choice, in the case of and’s auctions start at $1, and increase in increments of $1. Sometimes bidders are privy to the continent where the vacation will take place. Otherwise, they are only offered clues. In addition to getting a great deal like this, each month for the next three a lucky bidder will win the mystery auction for only $1, regardless of their final bid.

Past mystery auction goers have ventured to Italy, Morocco, and Peru, so let the bidding begin!

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Lyndsey Matthews is the online editorial intern for Travel + Leisure