The over-the-top Aussie entertainer thinks San Francisco is simply smashing.
© Trujillo/Paumier My Favorite Place: Dame Edna Everage
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“In the year of love, I visited San Francisco, and the only difference between me and those other girls is that I wore mauve gladiolas in my hair. I just felt so instantly at home in San Francisco. I think it’s because, in the Paleolithic Era, Sydney and San Francisco were joined as one. It’s really the case. Funnily enough, in caves near San Francisco, they’ve found fossils of women exactly like me. I’m the first of the famous Australians, you know. Nicole Kidman and all those people followed in my footsteps.

Well, years after that first visit, I called my dear friend Joan Rivers—who incidentally is still alive somewhere—and she said, “Edna, you simply must go to San Francisco. You have a following there.” So I booked a show for two weeks. It was called Edna: The Royal Tour and was a rousing success. I was accepted by the glitterati of Pacific Heights—all those lovely people, like Danielle Steel. Between you and me, darling, it’s a tiny little community. But I grew to adore it. I had a flat in Russian Hill and every evening I watched the fog roll in like a thick white tongue and lick Alcatraz. I had that view.”

Dame Edna is performing at San Francisco’s Post Street Theatre through January 4. For more dates and information, go to

The Slanted Door (1 Ferry Building; 415/861-8032) is scrumptious: not exactly Chinese, not Thai, but quite spicy. It’s busy but they’ve never compromised. The food is delicious. I also like Postrio (545 Post St.; 415/776-7825). It’s a bit more sophisticated. I dined there last time with the little Pelosi couple.”

Nob Hill Café is very simple, a real neighborhood place. They have very attractive little waitresses. There’s always a small line to get in.” 1152 Taylor St.; 415/776-6500.

City Lights Books (261 Columbus Ave.; 415/362-8193) reminds me of my revolutionary days. And Thomas A. Goldwasser Rare Books(5 Third St.; 415/292-4698) has very interesting things by Edith Wharton. Do you believe in past lives?Well, in my past life I was Edith Wharton. So I like going there and reading my own things.”