Germany’s second-largest hub is a soaring glass-and-steel complex dotted with self-service coffee stations (coffee is free, as are copies of the Financial Times), high-end shops, and a skywalk with views of the runway. And everything is immaculate. Here, the highlights of busy international Terminal 2.


There’s nothing like a short rubdown at Gesunde Impulse to get the kinks out after a transatlantic flight ($1.30 per minute). The tiny Zen-like prayer room with blond-fir floors, illuminated Plexiglass walls, and a 130-year-old oak tree is stocked with prayer rugs, Bibles (in several languages), and the Koran; it’s also the perfect place to meditate.

Metropolitan Pharmacy (two locations) is worth a visit, even if your toiletries weren’t confiscated by security. In addition to European beauty lines such as Weleda, Dr. Hauschka, and Caudalíe, you’ll find German homeopathic remedies and wellness CD’s. Regroup at the sunlit lounge on Level 5, with its oversize red-leather sofas.


This terminal feels like a luxury mini-mall, with outposts of Hermès, Bulgari, and La Perla. Dallmayr Shop, the famous Bavarian delicatessen, sells its signature coffee, homemade mustard, and venison pâté. Forgot your adapter?Multitronics (two locations) has high-tech gadgets and accessories, from the latest iPod incarnation to CD’s. You’ll find magazines (German Vogue) and books (the latest Paul Auster novel in English) at Checkout (four locations), which also proffers German tchotchkes such as ceramic steins and cuckoo clocks. Jeans & Dreams often has sales on Lacoste shirts and Tommy Hilfiger undies. The venerable Italian papermaker Fabriano carries handcrafted cards and photo albums, leather wallets and passport holders, and exquisite journals.

Food and Drink

If you have a few hours to kill, venture into the public Munich Airport Center, between terminals 1 and 2, where you’ll find Airbräu, a brewery with an outdoor biergarten. After your meal, you’ll need to pass through security to reenter the terminal. If you have less time, stop by Dallmayr Bistro for a weisswurst mit brezen (sausage with pretzel) or a generous portion of apple strudel. At Aran, a bakery-café with communal tables, strike up a conversation with a fellow traveler over cappucino and panini. Seafood Sylt (two locations) serves fresh shrimp salad, grilled calamari, and paella perfumed with saffron.