Canadian Town Will Give You a Job and Land if You Move There
Credit: Barrett & MacKay/Getty Images

For anyone looking to escape—be it from unfortunate election results or just the humdrum of daily life—this Canadian business will be happy to convince you to move north.

The Farmer’s Daughter Country Market, located in a small village called Whycocomagh on the island of Cape Breton, is looking for new employees to move to the remote area and work at the market.

The new employee gets access to two acres of land on which to put a home, and if she or he stays at the market for five years, the land will be officially granted to that employee.

According to the business’s Facebook advertisement, while the company can’t offer the employee “big money,” they can offer an awesome life, and lots of land—as well as the opportunity to live in a pristine setting.

Known for being quite remote but spectacularly beautiful, Cape Breton is an ideal location for the adventure-seeker. The village is nestled among sweeping mountain ranges and lies in close proximity to the Bras d’Or Lake.

So why the sudden push to get people to move to this island in Nova Scotia? Because Cape Breton’s population is decreasing, the market is hoping to bring in more workers to encourage sustainable business while increasing the population.

Before you start packing your bags, know there's one very important requirement: You must be able to legally work in Canada to apply for this job.