By Laura Winfree
August 08, 2014
Most Scenic Restaurants in Cancun
Credit: Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun

Ever since 1970, tourists have been coming from across the globe to see the awe-inspiring beauty of Cancun, Mexico. This destination attracts thousands upon thousands of travelers every year with its unbeatable tropical vibe, white sand beaches, and colorful bodies of water, creating an appealing atmosphere for the ultimate beach getaway on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. The entire Cancun Hotel Zone is lined with beautiful indoor-outdoor restaurants on the lagoon side, and alluring resorts on the beach side. The spectacular waterfront scenery found throughout the city means that many of its restaurants boast panoramic views that will take your breath away, whether you’re enjoying a lunch by the lagoon, a romantic dinner on the beach, or one of the city’s famous sunsets. Get the most out of your next Mexico vacation when you’re blown away by picture-perfect views during an unforgettable dinner at one of Cancun’s most scenic restaurants.

Thai Lounge

Located at the beautiful La Isla Shopping Village, Thai Lounge is known as Cancun’s most beautiful restaurant. Here, each table is situated in a private cabana in the garden area or over the lagoon, creating an exotic tropical ambiance. Reserve your dinner a day or two in advance if you want a cabana over the lagoon.


Set right on the lagoon at La Isla Shopping Village, this elegant restaurant serves mouthwatering Indian cuisine in an open-air setting. A great place for a dinner with friends or a romantic evening, Elefanta is famous for its mind-blowing lagoon views and eye-catching design—just right for an unforgettable night in Cancun.

Dolcemente Pompei

This Italian restaurant is a hidden gem tucked away on a small side street in the Hotel Zone. Here, you’ll find classic Italian cuisine and friendly service, but the ocean view is the real focal point. Set right by the water, this restaurant is a memorable place where you can watch the boats go by every night and see the lights of Isla Mujeres on the horizon.

Casa Rolandi

Casa Rolandi has the best lagoon views in Cancun, especially at sunset when the sky turns amazing shades of orange, and at lunchtime when the water turns bright blue. You’ll find spectacular panoramic views from the dining area and out on the terrace at this stylish gourmet restaurant and yacht club.


Casitas is the best restaurant for a romantic evening in Cancun, with private cabanas situated right on the beach at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. The upscale menu features a variety of steaks and seafood, but the oceanfront location is what makes this restaurant truly amazing. Make sure to get a reservation because seating is very limited.