By Hadi Ktiri
January 02, 2015
Most Romantic Hotels in New Orleans
Credit: Neil Alexander

Young couples brimming with new love and lifetime romantics married for 40 years can all ride the butterflies in their stomach here in New Orleans. Take an evening stroll hand-in-hand through the historic French Quarter. Royal Street and Chartres are the best for slow walks and classy drinks. Early in the morning take a ride on the St. Charles streetcar and have lunch in Carrolton at Chill Out Café, a fantastic spot for Thai food. Afterwards, walk down the street to the levee and take a walk along the river. Another great spot to cozy up to that special someone is Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse on Friday for Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown. If you’re feeling adventurous stay late for the Burlesque show right after. New Orleans is perfect for couples. The city is packed with great food, authentic jazz, and intimate cocktail bars. It’s no wonder that people from all over the country come here to get married.

The W French Quarter

Chic and sophisticated, this gorgeous hotel is a must for young lovers. Dine and have delicious craft cocktails at the hip and innovative Sobou. Then relax in the courtyard in one of their cabanas before jumping in the pool. Afterwards, freshen up and hit the town, which isn’t hard to do since the W is right in middle of the French Quarter.

The Monteleone

This classic New Orleans gem is one of the few big hotels in the city that’s still family owned. Make sure to have a drink at the Carousel Bar, a classy and revolving bar that rotates around the bartenders once every fifteen minutes.

Grenoble House

Flying well under the tourist radar is the luxurious and beautiful Grenoble House. Ranked as the best boutique hotels in the city, this suite-only hotel is the epitome of what a honeymoon property should be. If you want to be pampered, but still near the action of downtown New Orleans you have to stay here.

International House Hotel

Designed in the style of many New York boutique hotels, the International House Hotel is easily one of the hippest hotels in New Orleans. The lobby is modern, sexy, and the guest rooms inspire a heavy hand on style. Before a night out make sure to stop by LOA for the most innovative cocktails in New Orleans.

JW Marriott Presidential Suite

If you want to leave that special someone breathless, the Presidential Suite at the JW Marriot is exactly what you are looking for. Featuring a staggering view of the mighty Mississippi River, this luxurious suite is the best of the best. Once you’re settled in make sure to invite your closest friends up to the room; it will blow them away.