Most Romantic Hotels in the Bahamas
Credit: Turquoise Cay Boutique Hotel

My most romantic resort experiences in the Bahamas are all aspirational, I must confess. Don’t judge, I am sure it has happened to you at least once before. You visit a place by yourself and your first thought is a wish: I wish I was standing next to my lover at this very moment with two glasses of champagne about to slip into the sea for a sunset skinny dip. I visited all five resorts on my list of most romantic hotels, but my life will sadly be incomplete until I actually return with a romantic partner. The pairing of beauty and simplicity at these private little enclaves is simply arousing, not to mention their panoramic views and aesthetic charm. The Bahamas is a destination most suited to satisfy those looking for romance. To anchor your experience, you need to stay at one of the most romantic hotels.

Turquoise Cay Boutique Hotel

If not for the shallow turquoise cove that actually envelopes it, Turquoise Cay would have no meaning. The resort completely embraces the vastness of its natural surroundings with a complementary outdoor infinity pool, an enclosed salt water lagoon and cloth hammocks that are suspended over the sea.

Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort

Indulge in a sensual massage under the shade of your private beach-front gazebo, or convert the space into a sunset dining room for your exclusive pleasure. Whatever you do, make use of the Cape Santa Maria beach, which is one of the best in the Bahamas, and therefore the world.

Pineapple Fields

The entire property is like your very own secret garden. Stylish cottages are spread about a lush tropical landscape. It even comes with its very own water holes: A swimming pool in the garden and a pink sand beach across the way. Everything about this pineapple paradise makes you want to be with a significant other.

A Stone’s Throw Away

You might as well call it the veranda hotel, because the old colonial mansion that is now A Stone’s Throw Away has an infinite balcony with stunning views that completely wraps the building. The most romantic spot: the day bed on the private porch of their third-floor ocean-view room. Check it out for a quick romantic getaway defined by elegance and style.

Compass Point Beach Resort

For starters, Compass Point is located on Love Beach. If that is not convincing enough, the resort is one of the most picturesque in the Bahamas: Its romantic setting comes from its ocean front surroundings, its green foliage, and its cornucopia of color, inspired by the Bahamas’ very own carnival celebration, Junkanoo.