Sometimes you just need to get away. Very, very, very far away.
Most Remote Places
Credit: Getty Images

Some misanthropic researchers have located the most remote place in the world where you can be as far away from everyone else on the planet as possible.

For those looking to get as remote as humanly possible, Point Nemo is where it's at. As Thrillist pointed out, Point Nemo is basically in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, making it the ultimate in human-contact cleanse. The next nearest inhabited area is Easter Island, over 1,600 miles away.

At Point Nemo, you don’t even need to worry about passing ships. They don’t go there. It takes 15 days to reach Point Nemo by boat.

Absolutely no one is around. No one will ever be around. Everybody is very far away, and you are completely alone at Point Nemo.

If that’s too intense, travelers can still get away from humanity while having a couple humans around at Tristan Da Cunha. The small island is the most isolated place in the world, although it is populated: There are 264 people already on the island, but the next closest inhabited place is 1,243 miles away.

Devon Island is also a good option for people who hate people. The Canadian island is roughly the same size as Croatia, but it is completely desolate and devoid of all humans. The nearest population is 229 people 50 miles away.

Solitary travelers should call dibs on Point Nemo soon—otherwise it’s going to become occupied and then outer space will be the only option left.