Despite the financial downturn, hotels have been opening across the country this year. Here, the 10 cities with the most new rooms.*

Number of New Hotel Rooms

Las Vegas: 7,010

Orlando: 5,223

Houston: 5,145

San Antonio: 4,032

New York City: 3,920

Washington, D.C.: 3,082

Dallas: 2,936

Los Angeles: 2,929

Phoenix: 2,436

Atlanta: 2,154

* Figures from February 2009 to February 2010. Source: Smith Travel Research.

  • By Catesby Holmes
  • By Darrell Hartman
  • By Alexander Basek
  • By Sherri Eisenberg
  • By Kathryn O'Shea-Evans
  • By Lisa Cheng
  • By Erin Florio
  • By Sarah Storms
  • By Jennifer Coogan
By Catesby HolmesDarrell HartmanAlexander BasekSherri EisenbergKathryn O'Shea-EvansLisa ChengErin FlorioSarah Storms and Jennifer Coogan