We're just full of ideas. Here are some favorites from recent issues of Travel + Leisure.

1) Sun-soaked Phoenix, where, Stephen Drucker wrote, everyone "is either trying to relax, or in the middle of relaxing, or reflecting on some recent attempt to relax," is more than ever a place to get away from it all.

2) In "American Idyll ," we suggested relaxing trips near home. If the Native American sweat lodge treatments of Wyoming's Wilderness Adventure Spa sound too placid, consider white-water rafting in Utah's Cataract Canyon or a ramble along Maine's section of the Appalachian trail.

3) Hikers for whom the Appalachian trail is finished business can look to Alan Brown's guide to hiking the remotest parts of Yosemite Park's High Sierra.

4) Tenderfoots, on the other hand, can pick from the 25 hikes in Europe and the US described in our guide. Take a ramble along Alberta's Lake Louise, where a hike that includes an early break at a teahouse can lead to "a wild overlook of rock, plummeting water, and an ice chute called the Death Trap."

5 & 6) West Coasters seeking an island escape can look to Kimberly Seely's story on the lodges and restaurants that are sweeping change over quiet, remote Vancouver Island , while New Yorkers seeking the same should consider a short trip to wholly different Fire Island. Despite the island's proximity to New York City, Reggie Nadelson wrote, "the sheer physical beauty remains: white-sand beaches, sea that's as smooth as glass one day, roiling with surf the next."

7) If you look forward to long weekends for the opportunity they afford to add a third day of shopping to the week, take Lynn Yaeger's advice and tour the antique shops of Texas Hill Country set in "hamlets straight out of a Larry McMurtry novel."

8 & 9) Two for Californians: a long weekend is hardly long enough to see all of San Diego's 33 beaches, but it's the perfect amount of time to devote to three exciting hotels that are an easy drive from Los Angeles.

10) What better way to spend a long summer weekend than by training for the many summer weekends that remain?Three days in West Virginia at the Greenbrier's BBQ Boot Camp will sharpen your skills to their backyard best.