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Curious to know where you come from?

Travel company momondo has put together a new competition that will give 60 winners their very own DNA kits, while one lucky winner from the U.S. and another from Canada will get to take a $1,600 journey to discover the countries that they’re from.

The competition plays out in two phases, with participants answering the question: “How will you open the world through traveling?” in 250 characters or less.

Those who make it through the first round will get their own DNA kits and be invited to move on to the second phase of the competition.

At this point, participants will be asked to record a short video of their reaction to finding out where they’re from.

The U.S. and Canada winners will receive a trip worth $1,600 and 2,000 CAD, respectively, to visit the countries that their ancestors are from, based on their DNA results.

Winners will be able to plan their own itinerary through momondo, giving them the ability to visit as many locations as they like as long as it fits the prize budget.

The company is carrying out the competition after a similar project they did last year, called The DNA Journey, where 67 participants took tests to find out where they were from, and first round winners got to visit those locales.

“The project is about opening our eyes to the fact that we are all more connected than we think,” MaryBeth Lauro, the company’s spokesperson, said in a press release. "Americans and Canadians have an understanding that most of us have roots in other regions, and I think that reminding ourselves of that with the DNA journey helps charge our view of other cultures and nationalities for the better."

For both the American and Canadian competitions, the first phase will run through May 2 while the second will run through August 3. Participants must be 18 and over and residents of the respective country to apply.