Paulina Porizkova—a star of photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders’s latest HBO documentary, About Face: The Supermodels Then and Now (airing July 30)—reveals her favorite destinations.

Paris: When I visit, I always go to the Jardin du Luxembourg and buy barbe à papa—cotton candy twice the size of your head. Sacré Coeur is another must. Walking up all those steps? Totally cliché, but I just love it.

St. Bart’s: My family and I have been going there for 28 years. The classic place to eat is Maya’s ($$$), for simple Creole-French food right on the water.

Kyoto: I shot an ice cream commercial in Japan when I was 16, but I’d never been to Kyoto until recently. We stayed at Hiiragiya ($$$), an inn run by the same family since 1818. Three generations waved goodbye to us as we left.