Moab, Utah, a town of motels and Victorian storefronts surrounded by red-rock outcroppings and canyons, has long been a mecca for mountain bikers and visitors to Arches and Canyonlands national parks. Now, three resorts are luring adventurous families. • The 240-acre Sorrel River Ranch (877/359-2715;; doubles from $199) offers kayaking, rafting, biking—and steeping in an outdoor hot tub. Suites have a king-sized bed hewn from a pine trunk and two queen-sized loft beds. • Saddle up at Red Cliffs Lodge (866/812-2002;; doubles from $169), a 280-acre resort with a pool, winery, movie museum (City Slickers, Thelma and Louise, and several John Wayne classics were filmed nearby), and 50 horses. • Five curly-lashed camels await riders at the five-room Camelot Adventure Lodge (435/260-1783;; doubles from $190), where former Hollywood animal trainer Terry Moore has taught Clyde, one of his 1,600-pound pets, to lie down and play dead. "Camels," he says, "are like big, loyal dogs."—Wendy Paris