Developed by two photography fanatics, Miggo is a new camera strap that morphs from a cushioning band to a protective case. Its offers two styles, the “grip and wrap” as well as the “strap and wrap,” each with a different design created for easy access to your camera without worrying about a a bulky camera bag.

I decided to put the strap to the test, and paired my Nikon d7000 with the Strap and Wrap. The lightweight neoprene and lycra was easy to sling around my neck after shooting and helped prevent backache and shoulder soreness from carting around a heavy DSLR all day.

Miggo's co-founder, Guy Sprukt, noted that there will be a next generation of products in the near future since the current version only works for mirrorless or small DSLR’s. Net net: The Miggo proves a useful companion for travelers who want a compact tote for a good camera, wherever their journey takes them.

Kira Turnbull is Travel + Leisure's photo assistant.