If you’ve ever traveled to Mexico, you know that—contrary to popular belief—the cerveza más fina south of the border is not Corona, that ubiquitous and admittedly tasty siren of beer. Nor is it Dos Equis (meh), or Tecate (God forbid). No, the country’s best beer is Negra Modelo—a German-style, exceedingly palatable, complex amber lager.

Now you don’t have to go to Acapulco—or even to your best-stocked corner store—to find your favorite Mexican beer. Just grab a pint at your local bar.

Starting this fall, Grupo Modelo, the brewery behind Negra Modelo and its lighter pilsner cousin, Modelo Especial (as well as Corona and the refreshing, elusive, not-yet-exported Victoria) has begun offering both Negra and Especial on tap in select cities around the U.S., making Americans the first foreigners to enjoy the honor of sipping a cold draft of Negra Modelo.

The perennially thirsty New York contingent got our first taste of Negra on tap on September 22nd. And, well, we liked it. Lots. So if you live in a major city or largely Latino market in California, Colorado, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Washington, D.C., New Mexico or Texas, keep a look out for Negra Modelo. We promise it’s muy, muy rica.

Here are some uniquely Mexican ways to enjoy your new favorite beer:

*Campechana: Mix 1/2 glass of Especial with 1/2 glass Negra
*Michelada (inland): Pour Modelo Especial over an ounce or two ounces of this savory hot sauce mix: Worcester sauce, Tabasco sauce, a drop of soy sauce, and a little lime.
*Michelada (coastal): Mix Negra Modelo or Modelo Especial with 1/2 glass of fresh lemon juice. Salt rim of glass.

Catesby Holmes is an assistant research editor at Travel + Leisure.