Mexico City’s 5 Best Local Designers
Credit: © Robert Fried / Alamy

Just by taking a look back in time, it’s pretty easy to see that Mexicans have an eye for design. Think of the intricate patterns in our traditional textiles, the bright colors in our crafts, or the fine embroidery in a mariachi suit. And with a country so rich in sources of inspiration, it’s no wonder that local designers are on the rise, creating impressive pieces that are putting them under the spotlight, not just in Mexico but also abroad. Some of the best designers in the country have a clear, strong influence from local traditions. Take Pineda Covalín, whose handbags and scarves can feature monarch butterflies or designs inspired by huipiles. Carla Fernández sometimes borrows pre-Hispanic patterns for her pieces. On the other hand, there’s Macario Jiménez or Lorena Saravia, whose designs boast a sleek sophistication. But no matter what their style is, these five talented designers all share something in common: a passion for their craft that translates into gorgeous creations.

Macario Jiménez

Perhaps one of the biggest names in Mexican design, Jiménez launched his brand in 1994, and soon, women fell in love with his sophisticated creations. By designing ultra-feminine silhouettes and paying close attention to detail, Jiménez has become a favorite among fashionistas both in Mexico and abroad.

Lorena Saravia

After a stint in Macario Jiménez’s workshop and four years in fashion school in Barcelona, this young talent debuted her brand with a fall/winter collection in 2010 and won Vogue Mexico’s Who’s On Next Contest in 2013. Her sophisticated, minimal and modern designs are available at her studio in Colonia Roma, and you can also find her leather accessories in Saks Fifth Avenue Mexico.

Alejandra Quesada

Inspired by her home country, by stories, movies and books, this playful designer creates pieces that explore the girl vs. woman duality that all modern females possess. Her adventurous, colorful designs can be found in stores like 180 Shop and will have their own boutique in 2015.

Carla Fernández

Mexico’s fascinating indigenous cultures have a huge influence in this designer’s modern collections, which usually feature traditional patterns and lively colors. But Fernández doesn’t just look to traditional textiles for inspiration, she actually supports the indigenous communities’ legacy through her Taller Flora workshop, which promotes eco-friendly production and economic development.

Pineda Covalín

Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalín have conquered Mexico and beyond with their eclectic, bright, bold and beautiful silk designs. Their ties, scarves and blouses are inspired by the colors and shapes of pre-Hispanic Mexico, as well as its myths and legends. The power duo have also propelled young designers, like Daniel Andrade and Jorge Duque, by inviting them onboard as creative directors for a season.